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Question #17: Are you a happy Linux user? What distro do you prefer as a daily driver? What makes you have to run Windows? Sorry that was 3 questions :D
Asked by Albi (79.221.236.x) on May 20 2022, 6:27 PM


  1. I'm a happy Windows user who sometimes uses Linux. I wait a while before upgrading between versions of Windows: XP -> 7 -> 10.
  2. I took the Linux Foundation Certified IT Associate exam on CentOS but now I also use Ubuntu/Debian because CentOS is being retired by Redhat. My router is running OPNSense which is based on FreeBSD.
  3. Some programs exist in Windows that are difficult to reproduce in Linux. It doesn't really matter that much given virtual machines are very good and hardware is fast. Linux has more features possible, but also more that can go wrong. I prefer to have Windows as the host and Linux on a guest VM.

Thanks for reminding me to turn off all the server details in the http response header.


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